About YourTour

The ICT solution YourTour is powerful technology, resulting from university research, dedicated to the automatic creation of customized trips according to the tourist’s preferences.

YourTour currently delivers solutions to GDS, hotels chains, tourism boards and travel agencies such as Amadeus, Best Western and Philadelphia CVB.

A demo website at www.yourtour.com shows the end-user picture of YourTour technology.

YourTour technical skills and creativity allow connecting automatic and dynamic packaging to innovative business models for travel products. Multichannel sales, dynamic trip catalogues for price comparators and integration in social networks for C2B commerce are our leading focus.

YourTour is a worldwide business with clients and partners in the USA (Philadelphia, Atlanta, Rapid City, etc.), in Europe (Best Western, Michelin, Gironde, Basque Country, etc.) as well as in Asia (Seeyougee). The company, which is based in Belgium, also has a US branch in the Silicon Valley and our Hong Kong partner Seeyougee markets the YourTour solution in Asia.
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